Dealing With A New Environment

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May 13, 2016 by J L Wells

Over the past 5 months I have been off and on with visiting Detroit and for the summer I am staying in Detroit. To be quite honest, it’s overwhelming for me. The way things are handled, ran, managed, it is completely different than from where I am from. Quad Cities, if you’ve ever heard of it. Neutral location; it is more of a retirement, or if you grew up there almost this trap of a place. I thought I was going to be stuck living there my own life but I don’t want to be. I want to be able to get out and explore while I can. What’s a life without experiencing it in more ways than just being stuck in your hometown all the time?
Anyways, I am staying with my boyfriend at his parents house. Both he and his parents have experienced quite a lot of Detriot and they have countless stories of their pasts. It’s fascinating yet very heartbreaking. I won’t go in detail since that is their story to tell and not myself.
I’ve been to only a small handful of areas throughout this gigantic  city. I haven’t been disappointed once but it is a lot to take in. Can’t he entirely sure, but I am positive that I’m dealing with culture shock and it’s a very real experience. Leaving and going home, my real hometown, has crossed my mind a couple of times. The thing is, if I want to travel and see different countries and their different cultures, I have to be able to remain stable and allow myself to take in what I am seeing and what I’m interacting with. Having several months to be able to do that, it will be nice so I can get a little familiar with how things are done around here.
Hopefully with the help of my boyfriend and his parents, I can adapt a little easier than if I were here by myself.
Well, I will have to have a continuous of updates on my stay here. See how things have changed – better or worse.
Have a great night, day, morning or evening – which ever you are reading this at.

J. L. Wells


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